How Long Can You Wear A Binder For

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You should avoid wearing a binder for more than 8 hours. For people under 18, we recommend taking it off after 6 hours. If you have to wear it for longer than.

Do size up when you work out: A chest binder that's a bit larger than the one you wear while not exercising will give your chest and lungs space to expand while you are physically active. Give your body a break: Many doctors advise wearing a binder for no more than eight hours per day and taking at least one day off per week. If you must wear a binder for more than eight hours at once, try to remove it periodically and take a few minutes to breathe fully and deeply.

Washington adds that a binder should not be worn for too long. "General rule of thumb: You shouldn't bind for more than eight hours [at a time]. That's a full school or work day," Washington says.


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There are a few agreed-upon best practices: wear your binder for no more than eight to 12 hours at a time, don't sleep in it, ensure you wash your binder regularly, and make sure you wear one.


Don't wear binders for longer than 8-12 hours and do not sleep while wearing your binder. It's also crucial to schedule binder-breaks daily and.

Do not regularly bind for more than eight to 10 hours at a time—take breaks and days off if you're just going to be at home. 4. Do not double bind-alternatives such as wearing two t-shirts.


As much as we want it to be, wearing a binder shouldn't be a 0-100 process. Start with a couple hours each day so you can work your way up to.


It's recommended that you wear your binder 8–12 hours a day, and at least take one day off a week from wearing it. From personal experience, I've had times of.

How long is it safe to wear a chest binder for in a day? The general rule is eight to ten hours, so about a school or work day. I know, as a ftm person who can't have top surgery, that it's VERY tempting to wear it longer, but please don't! Also make sure to only wear a BINDER, not layered sports bras or bandages.

According to TransGuys, you should be able to take deep breaths in your binder without difficulty. 3. Don't Wear It For Too Long According to alternative lifestyle site Qwear, you should be binding.

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Chest binding duration. The longer you bind, the greater the risk of injury. It's recommended that you shouldn't bind your chest for more than 8.

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You should avoid wearing a binder for more than 8 hours. For people under 18, we recommend taking it off after 6 hours. If you have to wear it for longer than.

Don't wear your binder for more than 8-12 hours, take breaks between wears, don't wear while sleeping or exercising, and make sure it fits correctly. Binders should not be worn for longer than 8 to 12 hours at a time or while sleeping. "It's important to take small breaks here and there," says Glick.

Depending on the type of surgery you have, an abdominal binder may be worn for up to six weeks or for the full the duration of your recovery. As you heal, your doctor may let you wear the binder.

1. Acquire a binder from a reputable source such as GC2B in the US or Spectrum Outfitters in the UK and expect that it may take a while to find a binder that fits you well 2. Measure your chest.

If it's a safe binder, such as gc2b or underworks, you can wear it up to 12 hours a day with a mild back ache after. An unsafe binder, one with hooks, zippers, or velcro, should only be worn up to 8 hours. These binders cause more chafing and aren't as breathable as a safe binder.