Chest Binding Gone Wrong

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1. The Binder. Without binder and with binder. Photo by Kat McNeal. I didn't like the look of most chest binders, and I still don't–they often look like medical garments. But they do reduce the appearance of breasts to basically nothing.


That said, even a dedicated binder is not without risk, and binding improperly or for too long can lead to chest and back pain, rib bruising and.

Breast binding or chest binding is the flattening of breasts with constrictive materials such as cloth strips, purpose-built undergarments,


People who use binders report symptoms like back and chest pain, overheating and shortness of breath.

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“Chest binding is using something to flatten the breast tissue of the chest,” Dr. Ng explains. “People who are experiencing gender dysphoria.

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Controversial chest-binders — which can dangerously compress.

A different kind of binding product, an adhesive tape girls can use to wrap around their chests as opposed to a vest called.


Chest binding (compressing breast tissue to give the appearance of a flat chest) is a common practice among people who do not want their chest.

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Chest binding is the practice of using tight clothing or other items to flatten the breasts. The goal is to create a more masculine chest. Transmasculine people—those assigned female at birth who identify on the masculine spectrum—use chest binding to feel more comfortable in their body as do others who prefer to appear more masculine.

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Similar to a bra, you're best off hand-washing it so it doesn't get damaged. 13. But you're definitely going to want to line dry your binder. Don't put that thing in the dryer after you wash it.

Trans Tape FTM Chest Binding. This is a bust binding tape that can be used on any kind of kind of skin and also does not contain any extreme chemicals that might damage your skin. It is much safer for use when bust binding than duct tape however still strong sufficient to hold your breasts regardless of the dimension. Binders Trans

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A year after a mild Covid infection he could not read a bedtime book to his children because of the "sandbag on my chest".

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I would have repeated panic attacks when bra shopping, and seeing myself with breasts felt completely wrong. Being able to bind (and.


Even if you're symptoms aren't severe, long-term use of a poorly fitted binder can lead to chest and back pain. Change binders if you experience.


Binding is the practice of flattening breasts with constrictive materials to give the impression of a flatter, more masculine appearing.

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