How To Stop Bra Band From Curling

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How To Keep Your Bra From Rolling Up · Get A Perfectly Fitting Bra · Experiment With A Different Bra Style · Use A Bra With Boned Bands · Elite Body Sculpture's.

Try using "bra suspenders" to clip the band to the top of your pants or underwear. Use long sock garters, or make your own suspenders by attaching suspender clips to each end of a 3 inch (7.6 cm) elastic band. [10] Method 3 Modifying your Bra 1 Buy a bolt of stretchy swimsuit fabric or Lycra.

2. The Problem: There's Extra Room In Your Cups. The fix: Tighten your straps. While extra room in your cups may mean you need a smaller cup size, it may also just be a sign that your straps are.

Your bra needs to be tight. The band around your back is what should keep it up. If the straps keep it up, you're wearing the wrong size.

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Adjusting the rear portion of the band into where you naturally curve from your ribs to your waistline can sometimes help the bra band to stop rolling. If your bra is old, worn out or doesn't fit correctly this more than likely will not help. It's time for a re-fit! Ladies your curves are kickin'!

Another option is a longline – but only if it fits your shape. If it's long enough and firm enough (with boning of some sort), you can use the extra length of a longline band to prevent rolling. But again – this is person- and bra-dependent. lalalouw • 6 yr. ago I've tried Cleo Lucy and it rolls much less than my Ewa Michalak bra.


How you stop the bra band from curling relies on recognising it hasn't happened from the start, which would mean it was damaged in shipping.

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Start standing with feet shoulder-width apart and place a resistance band around your thighs.

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Want to learn how to stop bra band from curling? Does your bra give you a tough time when the band rolls up?


With over 10 years of fitting bras for women of all shapes and sizes,

It needs to be firm in order to keep the band down on your back,

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These folds of skin push or roll up the edge of your bra band like some rolling pins. Many of you will have noticed the same thing when you sit down and the tip of your bra band touches your tummy, the tummy folds will force the bands to curl. Bra Fitting: When your bra does not fit, the band will roll.

Wrap the tape around yourself right underneath your arms and at the top of your bust. Round up to the nearest number. This is your band size. Make sure that when you measure that the tape measure is parallel to the ground. To measure your cup size, measure across the fullest part of your bust. Now take the difference between the two measurements.

The top of your bra cup is curling out: If your bra is particularly old and worn (we know letting go of our favorite bras can be tough), the stitching in.

When you unhook the bra it shouldn't feel like only then can you breathe fully. You must be able to breathe deeply with your bra on, without feeling discomfort. Experts recommend a 2 finger gap (You should be able to slide 2 fingers under the back of the bra strap) The shoulder straps aren't as much of a problem because they can be adjusted.

Wider strap should stop curling Curling in bra band are likely to be seen first and foremost in the sides of the band; under the arms well approaching the back strap or breast cup. Quality of bra matters most but if you know its a quality, expensive bra from a well known brand or designer – a wider strap next time will prevent curling.


While the ideal is to have the front and rear of the bra band parallel, sometimes people can benefit from actually wearing the rear band lower.

To fix the bra cup curling problem draw the bottom of the curl with chalk on the inside of the bra, extend it towards the cup edges a little above the bulk of.

Use your fingers to slowly pinch your curled bra cup while paying close attention to the bra's lining. · Draw the lining a little backward until the curl starts.

If a no-fuss bra is what you’re looking for, this is the perfect one to buy. It’s a wardrobe staple that’s simple, comfortable and supportive. The thicker band in the back provides added.

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Use your fingers to slowly pinch your curled bra cup while paying close attention to the bra's lining. Draw the lining a little backward until the curl starts straightening out. To make sure you have the perfect fit, line up your bra lining with the fabric around the top of the cup.

The upper back fat and the fat beneath the arms are always higher and they tend to press on the edge of the bra band below them, causing it to roll. But a quality bra with wider straps will hinder the curling of the band. It is important to note that just wide straps in a bra will not do the magic, but also getting the right fit of the bra.

While the ideal is to have the front and rear of the bra band parallel, sometimes people can benefit from actually wearing the rear band lower.