Safe Ways To Bind Without A Binder

One thing you can do is put on the sports bra like a binder — that is, sort of push your boobs to the sides of your body first, or after you get it on bend over forward and push them to the sides. They won't stay there as well as with a binder but it should help it have a flattened appearance. these_days_bot • 3 yr. ago Especially these days

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Do NOT bind your chest with duct tape or plastic wrap. The most popular safe methods are to use commercial binders, sports bras,

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If you don't have a binder, you can try wearing 1 or 2 sports bras to flatten out your chest. However, if the reason you don't have a binder is because you're.

The binder should fit snugly around your shoulders and chest, providing an even compression. Adjust the binder. Move your breasts in a position that feels comfortable, yet compressed. In the end, your binder should feel like a larger, tighter sports bra. You shouldn't feel like you're being cut or squeezed. How long you should wear a chest binder


Bandages · Layering shirts · Sports bra method · Neoprene · Sports compression wear · The pantyhose method · Professional binders.

Fortunately, by choosing a safe binding method and taking the necessary precautions while you're wearing your binder, you can bind safely and avoid complications. Method 1 Choosing a Binder 1 Avoid binding with tape or elastic bandages.


Use sports bras but use bras that are a size smaller than you usually wear. Two or three should do the job (buy compression bras. · Use hoodies to bind and/or.

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Always bind for less than 8 hours a day (the more breaks and time you can go without, the better!). Binding for long hours every day over time breaks down tissue and can cause breathing problems, back pain, and skin irritation. Always take your binder off before you sleep. Give your body rest while you rest. Also, take it off before exercising.

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Binding Safely 1 Wear your binder for up to 8 hours at a time. It's totally understandable that you'd want to bind all the time, but that's not safe for your body. You need to take a break from your binder so your tissues, muscles, and bones don't get damaged. Don't wear your binder for longer than 6-8 hours at a time. [14]

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What are the general safety rules of binding? Don't sleep with your binder on at night Don't do any vigorous exercising in a binder – nothing that'll get your heart rate up / make you breathe heavily Don't bind when you're sick with a cough Don't bind for more than 12 hours maximum at once, 8 hours regularly Take breaks

Kind of like an envelope, so that it's all compressing on the mini sports bra that's built into it. It'll add compression that way, and putting it on backwards doesn't allow room for the "extra front space". It works really effectively for a smaller chest, but may not have the best luck for a larger one. Best of luck!

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You need to give your ribs 'breathing room'. Other methods I've seen done: 1. Put small pieces of napkins on your chest and use tape to literally "tape your boobs down". This works more with smaller busted people, it just looks super awkward when I've done it (but you might have more luck!). 2. Put on 2-3 sports bras.

Having access to a binder is a privilege, but if you need a binder and cannot afford or safely obtain one, it's essential to find safe and healthy alternative resources to bind. The safest way to bind without a binder Garments especially designed for optimal binding tend to be expensive and are rarely available for teens and young adults.


Trans Tape is adhesive tape designed to allow you to bind safely without a binder. It comes in a variety of colours for different skin tones,

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