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# 21 Parted Combover Low Tape-Up Source This haircut features the timelessly classy slick Combover with a perfectly aligned partition at the edge of the crown. The sides are tapered down with a nice, low horizontal fade that goes around the back and reaches both temples. # 22 Curly Temple Fade Source


The tape up haircut, aka a taper fade, works with any men's haircut.

The skin taper can be low or higher, like this cool afro with a.

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The low fade is a type of fade haircut where the sides and back are tapered shorter from top to bottom. The low fade haircut starts lower on the head and just above the ears, creating a classy and trendy style for guys. Great for all hair types and lengths, you can pair this tapered cut with many different styles to get a modern handsome look.


Best Tape Up Haircuts For Men · High Temp Fade with Spiky Hair · Low Taper Fade with Shape Up and Quiff · High Skin Fade with Short Curly Hair.

The tape up haircut, also known as a taper or fade, continues to be one of the most popular modern men's cuts! Tape up hairstyles allow for a number of hair.

Tape-up haircut, popularly known as the taper fade, razor fade, skin fade.

The fade can be high, low, a temple fade, a high top fade or a regular fade.

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Urban Dictionary: tape up tape up Also known as a taper. A type of haircut originally attributed to young urban black men and then popularized by 5th generation 16-26 year old Italian-Americans living in the New York/New Jersey suburbs.

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