Chest Wrapping

In her recent TikTok, she dresses her friend Rachel in five outfits focusing on what supports her chest. Every fit needs.

Kel dresses Rachel in a floral, wrap v-neck dress next.


Chest binding is a process of flattening your chest to make it more male-presenting. This is a common step in the female-to-male transition.

Breast binding or chest binding is the flattening of breasts with constrictive materials such as cloth strips, purpose-built undergarments,

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Learn about the differences between the upper torso and the chest, and find out some of the reasons why the chest is one of the most important areas in your body.

Breast binding is a way to minimize or flatten your chest and for people of all sorts of identities and situations. So whether you're transitioning,

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“Chest binding is using something to flatten the breast tissue of the chest,” Dr. Ng explains. “People who are experiencing gender dysphoria.


Health impact of chest binding among transgender adults: a community-engaged, cross-sectional study. Cult Health Sex. 2017 Jan;19(1):64-75.

There are many potential reasons for chest pains.

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cut-outs across the chest and teamed a pair.

The brunette bombshell tucked a grey clutch bag under her arm as she rested her hand on Jack’s chest. She wore her dark.

Island’s latest series at the wrap party in London.

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Intense chest pain awakened Natalie Latham from a deep sleep. Surely, she figured, it was from the spicy soup she’d eaten.

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