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Binding Guide | Trans Lifeline Canada (877) 330-6366 A Binding Guide for All Genders and Gender Expressions 11/10/2021 Chest binding is a gender-affirming practice done by all kinds of different people. Some people bind to reduce gender dysphoria. Some bind to present in a way that feels more aligned with their gender identity.

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Breast binding or chest binding is the flattening of breasts with constrictive materials such as cloth strips, purpose-built undergarments, often using spandex or other synthetic fiber, and shirts layered from tight to loose. People who bind include trans men (to alleviate gender dysphoria upon flattening the chest), androgynous and non-binary people, crossdressers, cosplayers, and performers.

Transgender Youth. What is binding? Binding refers to the process in which an individual utilizes some form of multi-purpose garment to compress their chest.


While chest binding might be more commonly practiced among transgender, nonbinary, and androgynous people, the decision to bind one's chest.


Things would fit me right if I just had a flat chest”. » — Lars, 24 (Nonbinary transmasculine).

Mom says trans eighth-grader was questioned by Texas officials at school – Amid a lengthy court battle, legal advocates for the LGBTQ community say Texas continues to investigate parents providing.

Made of thick spandex and nylon, binders resemble tight undershirts. GC2B Some transgender teens say they buy binders so that they can "pass" as male or to diminish feelings of discomfort with the.

What is binding? Binding is a technique used to reduce the appearance of a person's chest. Transgender people might use binding to relieve gender dysphoria. However, not all trans masculine and.

Binding. On this page: What's the best way to get started? Trying on a binder Responsible binding A TransHub guide.

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Lots of people who are transgender, non-binary, or both bind their chest. Binding is a way to make their chest look smaller or flatter. It's a gender-affirming way people can feel happier with their bodies! Everyone who wants to bind their chest deserves to do it as safely as possible. Learning about some basic safety tips can help!

Chest binding is the compression of chest.

Binding isn't just for trans men AFAB, and.

Binders are the safest and most recommended way to bind.

What is binding? The term "binding" refers to the process of flattening one's breast tissue in order to create a traditionally male-appearing chest.

Jun 26, 2019 Binding is an essential process for lots of trans guys. Of course, not every transmasculine person binds or wants to bind. And there are a lot of trans guys who want to bind, but can't – often due to health reasons. However, many trans guys say that above all else, their chests give them the most dysphoria.

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Binding Binding involves the use of tight fitting sports bras, shirts, ace bandages, or a specially made binder to provide a flat chest contour. In some people with larger breasts, multiple garments may be used, and breathing may be restricted. Prolonged binding may result in breast pain, local skin irritation, or fungal infections.

They have moved to reassure students, parents and teachers that attorney general Suella Braverman’s comments are not legally binding, and that trans students remain protected by equality law.

Abbott’s order to investigate trans-supportive families for "child abuse" was so bad that state employees were told never to.


Binders are a form of gender affirming clothing for transgender tweens and teens, and there's a lot to know before choosing the right one.

BIND. For many transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, chest binding is critical.

Never use duct tape or Ace bandages to bind your chest.

A binder is something used to bind breasts to make them less noticeable to either yourself or others. Binders are often used amongst different FTM – transgender individuals, such as transsexuals, transvestites or drag kings. Neutrois or other non-binary individuals may wish to bind to appear more androgynous or neutral in their presentation.

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Many trans people encounter their first hurdle before even making it to their departure gate. With current magnetic imaging technology, body parts, prosthetics and binding garments are often seen.

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Trans youth can be trusted.

I can report that it radically improved my life and ended five years of painful binding that comes with its own set of health risks. Why should top surgery be.

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Binding is a do-it-yourself option for changing your appearance so that it matches your gender expression. Having a flat chest may help you feel more.