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TransTape Tutorial | How To Bind With TransTape Step 1: Prepare the Skin Be sure that your skin is free of any oils, moisturizers, and deodorant. You may need to shave hair if excessive (quarter-inch trim is okay). Step 2: Protect Your Nips You're going to want to start by protecting your nipples and areola.

What's a Tuck Kit, and what's T-Tape? Unclockable invented the Tuck Kit, the all-in-one solution for achieving a flat tuck that stays tucked. It's the only swim-proof and gym-proof tucking product. That's all made possible by T-Tape, our patent-pending tucking strips included in each Tuck Kit. What about using the bathroom while tucked?

TransTape is a gender-affirming body transformation system for transgender, gender-fluid, gender non-conforming and asexual humans. It is backless, strapless, waterproof and sweat-proof. We offer 3 sizes; small (7.5cm wide), medium (10cm wide) and large (12.5cm wide). We offer multiple skin tones to best match your skin for optimal discretion.


What is Trans tape and FTM binding? To put it short, chest binding is a great way to fight gender dysphoria. Usually, FTM binding is common.

Genital tucking is a practice employed by some transgender women and gender nonconforming individuals to minimize or hide the contour (bulge) of their genitals, creating a flatter and more feminine appearance. For many people, tucking is immensely helpful in relieving gender dysphoria and allowing them to wear clothing that affirms their gender.

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Start with clear and clean body and breast skin. · Before applying trans tape, cover your nipples with something first. · Keep both edges of the.

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Bomb threat at Boston Children’s Hospital was false alarm, police say – Earlier this month, doctors and other Children’s Hospital staff who care for transgender children began receiving threats and.

Schau dir unsere Auswahl an trans tape an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für damenwäsche zu.

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These tucking tapes work perfectly for crossdressers and anyone in the MTF transgender community. Breathable Design For Your Comfort Our tapes are designed to give you the best tucking experience. Each tape is pre-cut to give you a perfect fit. The latex free, breathable tape is ideal for the most sensitive skin.

Trans Tape by Universal Body Labs is made for non-binary individuals looking for a quality and reliable way for breast binding – a much more effective.

The police sent a bomb squad to the medical center, which works with LGBTQ+ youth, after being alerted to an anonymous call.

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If not, you can continue to use TransTape. STEP 1: For best adhesive properties, start with fresh, clean skin, free of lotions or oils. Wash with a non-moisturizing soap; rinse well. (You may need to shave hair if excessive, quarter inch trim is okay) STEP 2: Make nipple covers. NEVER apply TransTape directly over nipple skin.

Method 1 Tucking with Tape 1 Shave your pubic hair if you plan on using tape. Use a good razor and shaving cream or gel to shave the scrotum and surrounding area. Carefully hold your skin so it's tight and flat, shave slowly and gently with the grain, and rinse the razor every 1 to 2 strokes.

ABOUT US. TransTape is a gender-affirming, body transformation system that's a backless and waterproof alternative to bras, binders, packers, gaffes, and other.

Dieses schöne medizinische Band ist 10 cm breit und atmungsaktiv. Perfekt, um für das Binden Ihrer Brust zu verwenden. Verfügbar unter

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