Packer Harness Diy

Any sandbag will work, including a DIY burlap sandbag filled with dirt. You’ll want to stack the sandbags on top of each other, staggering them like bricks. Then, cover them with tarps to prevent.

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Step 2 – Find a piece of material, measure it according to your packer size and cut it out. Step 3 – The piece of fabric should be positioned on the boxers according to your anatomy. You can pack lower or higher, the most important aspect – a packer should look natural. Step 4 – Sew a piece of fabric on the inner side of the underwear.

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Pride Elastic Packing Harness Jock Strap.

5 DIY Packing Pockets.

Cheap Ways To Make A Packer/harness. By Guest Nicodeme, April 8, 2010 in Female to Male (FtM) Discussions. Followers 0. Recommended Posts. Guest Nicodeme. Posted April 8, 2010. Guest Nicodeme. Guests; Share; Posted April 8, 2010. One of the more common ways to make a packer that's cheap and realistic is with condoms and hairgel or gak paste.

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The first method is simple, all it requires is for you to cut off the elastic band, being careful not to cut into it. Discard the fabric of the.

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Okay, so you've got a packer, and now you've got to keep it in place – super glue not being an option. What do you do? Except for in this brilliant case, a lack of penis mobility is a positive. There are a variety of ways to keep one's penis secure. Some people just layer snug underwear (this method varies in success from packer to packer). Those that use the sock method simply pin it to what.


Heyo guys, this is a tutorial on how to make a cheap harness for a packer or stp, if you have any questions about the harness please leave a.

It's a great option for people who want to pack every day, but don't own (or don't want to own) an entire drawer of packer underwear. SIZING: Small 28-31" waist Medium 32-35" waist Large 36-40" waist XL 41-45" waist It should be noted that this product gives your packer a "lift" and can slightly enhance the appearance of your packer's size. Share

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It keeps the packer right in place even in boxer briefs and you can clip it right in your underwear waist band. The pouches run anywhere from 12-25 USD and you can get it on many websites such as ftmessentials. You can also use a packing strap such as this one⬇️ 4 [deleted] • 4 yr. ago

Binder Transgender Binder For Trans People For many trans men and gender-non-conforming people, a chest binder — a tight article of underwear designed to compress and conceal breast tissue — can be a literal

I made this DIY harness for 2 packers I bought, undecided on which I would prefer to use. I prefer the smaller, as it's more realistic and it doesn't make me look like I have a boner. I just have trouble placing it. I think I'll eventually invest in some jock straps designed for packers, but this will do for now. Any pointers on how to place it?


I made this DIY harness for 2 packers I bought, undecided on which I would prefer to use. I prefer the smaller, as it's more realistic and it doesn't make.

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I've been researching packer harnesses online, and most of the good ones are pretty overpriced. So I decided to make one myself based on the.

Take 2 of the panels and cut them into equal sized squares. Cut a hole in one of them. Since this material isn't elastic you don't need to worry as much about the packer falling out because of it stretching. Sew around the edge to stop it fraying.


Before I tell you how I came to make my current packing strap, I'll introduce you to my first penis harness.

. Packing Strap: Classic.