Nipple Flaps

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C-V flap nipple reconstructions provide a simple and reliable method to reconstruct the nipple that enhances confidence and perception of body image.

context, reconstruction surgery of the nipple-areolar complex consists of an.

vascularization of flaps, presence of centrifugal forces contrary to the.

We performed nipple-areolar reconstruction of 90 nipples using clover-designed flaps oriented at 120 degrees and tattooing after breast silicone implantation in 64 women. The tattoo was designed before flap operation and stained darker. Following donor site closure, a dermal flap was made as a bridge for nipple support.


In this study, two crossed C Flaps were used to carefully correct.

Using this technology, the blood supply of the flap and nipple can be.

The first step was to elevate two de-epithelized triangular-shaped flaps that form the base of the nipple at 3 and 9 o'clock positions of the areola.


The flaps then are wrapped around the central stalk and sutured with fine absorbable sutures. The flaps' donor sites usually can be closed.

Techniques to Avoid Nipple and Flap Necrosis. Fig. 10.1. Vascular supply anterior chest wall ( a) Perforating vessels off of the internal thoracic artery and usual course of the lateral thoracic artery. ( b) MRI showing lateral thoracic artery (LTA) and second intercostal perforator (SIP), invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC).

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Loss of nipple projection is commonly encountered during nipple-areolar reconstruction. The patchwork flap was developed to overcome this.

Small flaps of skin from your reconstructed breast are folded and sutured together to build a mound that becomes the nipple. The skin is manipulated to give the nipple an elevated appearance.

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DEFINITION Nipple-areolar reconstruction is the final stage of postmastectomy reconstruction. This procedure has been shown to positively influence overall satisfaction with breasts and outcomes in several series and transforms the mound to a breast. 1,2 The skate flap is a commonly performed technique in both implant and autologous reconstruction.

Nipple reconstruction is an integral step in breast reconstruction. There are a variety of local-flap based techniques however one of the most commonly used.

The nipple can be considered as a cylinder, a three-dimensional structure. It can be unfolded geometrically into a two-dimensional structure. The flap is elevated carefully in order not to damage the flap pedicle. When the flap is elevated, just a little subcutaneous fat is left under the flap to preserve the subdermal blood supply.


The local flap is the most frequently used technique for nipple reconstruction. It is generally performed 4–6 months after mastectomy, as an.

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