Kt Tape Instructions

Consider complimentary measures as well. Try posture improvement, massage, chiropractic adjustments, and ice. KT Tape helps relieve pain and and provide support, but please seek care if pain becomes severe, there is a loss in movement, or symptoms get worse. Use beige KT Tape if you don't want to have colors visible during more formal times.

Important instructions: No matter where you're applying KT Tape, make sure to apply it at least one hour before you begin any activity to allow it to adhere properly. Also, clean any dirt, oils, and lotions from your skin with rubbing alcohol so the strip best adheres to the skin and sticks to it longer. How to Apply KT Tape for Knee Pain

That\'s an extra 20 feet, or approximately 15-20 additional applications! Combine that with the fact that KT Tape bulk rolls are also priced lower than the competition and you\'ll see why they\'re the choice of so many health professionals. KT Tape Pro is made from 100% synthetic microfibers for better performance in wet conditions.

If you have applied KT Tape before and are looking for tips to keep your application on longer, you can use the 8 steps below.

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Learn More + KT Tape also helps reduce post-workout muscle soreness From your quads to your hamstrings to your glutes – think ahead and wear KT Tape during and after targeted training sessions, helping to reduce your soreness up to 72 hours later by up to 50%. Learn More Featured Products KT Tape Pro ® $20.99 KT Tape Pro Extreme ® $22.99

These are the most updated application instructional videos for popular uses of KT Tape products

Basic Tape Application Tips · Prepare the skin. Clean and dry the skin · Cut the tape and remove the backing. Cut an.

HOW TO APPLY KINESIOLOGY TAPE · 1: GET A GOOD PAIR OF SCISSORS. You can't underestimate the importance of good scissors when using K Tape. · 2. APPLY IN ADVANCE.

Taping basics · Make sure the skin is clean and dry, free from lotions/oils (suntan lotion, skin conditioner, topical treatments, etc). · If applying KT Tape on a.

Downloadable, printable PDFs for medical professionals. Learn how to use kinesiology tape, how to use mobility balls, and how to use RockFloss with.


Place the anchor on inner side of quad, a few inches above knee, directing strip toward kneecap. With no stretch, apply the strip until top of.

Your Guide to Using Kinesiology Tape for Shin Splints – Don’t let shin splints sideline you. Here’s how KT tape can offer support. Here’s how to properly tape up your shin with KT tape. Keep in mind, it’s always smart to see a professional for.

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KT Tape can help reduce pain and inflammation for many common injuries*. HOW KT TAPE CAN HELP With this application you will get support, pain relief, and normal body mechanics without restricting motion or circulation like other treatments*. RESOURCES FOR SIMILAR KNEE PROBLEMS Inner Knee Outer Knee Back of Knee Osgood Schlatter


Now onto the general application of kinesiology tape: · Remove the tape from an anchor and apply it with ZERO stretche · Rub the anchor with the.

If you have applied KT Tape before and are looking for tips to keep your.

have been teaching patients for years how to apply kinesiology tape themselves.

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If you use KT Tape, you'll want to watch this video. It helps you understand some of the key methods for applying our kinesiology tape so.

The tape on the ends should be applied directly to the skin without stretching, otherwise it will pull up and will not stick. Lastly, be sure to set the adhesive by firmly rubbing the tape & make sure all the edges are down. For best results apply the tape 30 minutes before athletic activity. Video Guide: General kinesiology taping tips

Dropping the shoulders will almost always create more joint space and relieve the stress and pain in the shoulder. Use this application to create a gentle reminder to keep good posture and relax the shoulder muscles to bring the shoulders down into a healthier position.