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KT Tape original cotton products are made with a light adhesive suitable for individuals participating in light exercise or exercise therapy. Those participating in heavy exercise should consider KT Tape Pro, which has a stronger adhesive. 150 easy-to-apply 10-inch strips per roll;

One study compared the adhesion of 3 brands of kinesiology tape over 5 days. The study found that TheraBand Kinesiology Tape did not significantly change in adhesion over 5 days (retaining 70-76% of its original adhesion). In contrast, both Kinesiotex® and KT Tape® brands significantly declined to 59% and 35% adhesion, respectively. 5

If you have applied KT Tape before and are looking for tips to keep your application on longer, you can use the 8 steps below. These are techniques that are.

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The unsupported single coated tape market is anticipated to be valued at US$ 9.8 Bn by 2032 & will steady rise at CAGR of 3.5.

The information & data concerning the global Polypropylene Surface Protection Tape market are taken from credible sources such as annual reports, websites, journals of the organizations, and others.

Subacute care to help support muscles or joints or reduce pain 7. Learn more about tape tension in the infographic or video below. KT Tape diagram.


If you use KT Tape, you'll want to watch this video. It helps you understand some of the key methods for applying our kinesiology tape so.

Kinesiology Therapeutic (KT) Tape Market Report identifies various.

way in the form of tables and figures including graphs and charts for easy understanding. A thorough evaluation of the.

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We help you deliver healthy patient outcomes while growing your business. RockTape. TheraBand®. Kinesio®. KT Tape. Spider Tech. Body Sport® Physio Tape.

Application continuous use of kinesiology tape helps to the Achilles heel relieve pressure from this area. It is also advisable to apply tape even when not engaging in any physical activity because it can a provide support to the heel. Tape up Achilles as pictured with 50% stretch (BLUE). Apply two short strips of the SPARTAN TAPE with 80% stretch

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The New KT Recovery+ Wave™ is a breakthrough in drug-free pain relief. What was once an expensive, bulky clinical & sports therapy treatment is now available in a lightweight wearable that uses clinically proven electromagnetic therapy to treat chronic pain.


Placement is key when learning how to apply KT tape to throbbing knees, aching shoulders, shin splints, or anywhere else that's causing you.

Downloadable, printable PDFs for medical professionals. Learn how to use kinesiology tape, how to use mobility balls, and how to use RockFloss with.

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Need intructions on applying kinesiology tape? We have printable instructions, so you can apply the Kinesiology tape properly every time.

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Recommendations for TheraBand Kinesiology Taping Tension. D150225 KTP Chart-02. If you're looking for pain reduction.

Use less than 50% tension.

KT Tape® Original is pre-cut and ready to apply right out of the box. Pre-cut strips have rounded corners which help to prevent the corners from catching on clothing or the edges fraying. Each roll contains 20 pre-cut strips that are 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. KT Tape® products are Hypoallergenic, Latex-Free, Natural Rubber-Free!

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Place the anchor of Full Strip 2 on inside of arm directly next to the starting point of Full Strip 1. Reach arm slightly back with palm facing forward. While slowly removing the backing paper, guide and apply the tape up front of shoulder with a light stretch. Apply the last 2 inches with no stretch.

Back pain, foot pain and other day-to-day maladies can be treated with KT Tape. This time of year, winter's harsh temperatures can make arthritis and other joint issues particularly painful. To help ease the pain and promote blood circulation, KT Tape can be applied to the affected joints. Though KTTape.com has a plethora of applications for.

Within the last year, however, I developed Morton's Neuroma in my left foot. After about 3 miles, the pain was so bad I couldn't run any farther. It was heartbreaking. At my last race, samples of KT tape were given out, so I researched online and found your site and a very helpful video showing a taping for M.