Is Transtape Safer Than Binding

What are the benefits of TransTape versus a traditional chest binder? · Binding vs taping are drastic in comparison. · Binding, in our opinion, is extremely risky.

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Is Trans Tape Safer Than a Traditional Binder?.

With all binding methods, injury is a risk. However, taping is very safe if done properly and.

TransTape is actually safer than a binder. You can wear TransTape for up to 5 days, you can get it wet and sleep in it. These two things are way better than.

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Critical Safety Information for Binders · Never wear a binder for more than 8 hours at a time, and take breaks if you can. · Never size down. · Take break days (.

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TransTape will stretch a lot, so start shorter than you think.

ALWAYS practice safe binding techniques with TransTape and all binding methods.

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Both Binders and TransTape are safe if used properly. Binders should only be worn for 8 hours maximum, shouldn't get wet or slept in, also shouldn't be exercised in, and cleaned properly. TransTape is actually safer than a binder. You can wear TransTape for up to 5 days, you can get it wet and sleep in it.

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Alright, if you have sports tape, or medical tape (something elastic NOT duct tape) there's a binding method thats really cool, and is actually safer than.


Trans tape works fantastically for large chests. However, we recommend trying binders from a reputable source. Chest binders are a safer.

Chest binders are a safer alternative. However, if you do use trans tape, here are some tips to stay safe. Be sure to avoid putting the trans tape all the way around your back and your chest. This can cause breathing difficulties & skin compression Don't stretch your skin or the Trans tape to the point that it's flat.

Watch lots of youtube tutorials, especially those on the transtape youtube channel TransTape. It's a lot better than binding imo- you can shower with it (takes a while to dry though), play sports in it, wear it in warmer weather, and it feels a lot more natural; being able to just wake up and throw a t-shirt on feels amazing.

Removing the tape shouldn't be painful. Just before you use the tape, your skin must be oil free for the tape adherence, but wash it with a gentle soap over a harsh one to remove oil. Also, take pauses between taping to let your skin breath. If you want good results with the tape, you may need a bit of practice with it.

ALWAYS practice safe binding techniques with TransTape and all binding methods ALWAYS cover your nipples, they tend to be a sensitive area. NEVER wrap TransTape all the way around the chest and back. Wrapping all the way or too tightly can/will cause breathing issues, organ failure, or skin irritation

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It's as safe as any form of binding can be. It works better for a small chest, like A or B cup. Maybe C too.

TransTape will be wider and have a much stronger adhesive. Binding is inherently risky, but IMO correctly applied tape is the safest option if it works for you. Good luck! poesii • 4 yr. ago This is a much more detailed version of what I came here to say. You're basically trading lung/rib safety for skin safety. nonwal • 4 yr. ago

KT Tape and Trans Tape are essentially the same thing, and are both relatively safe when used correctly (not wrapping around your back, testing a small on your skin first for adhesive reaction). The difference is that Trans Tape comes in wider options to more effectively hold down tissue. But unfortunately, using tape doesn't typically work.

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Transtape sticks to your skin way better than kt tape in my experience, you may have to use a couple pieces on each side to get as flat as you'd like but once the tape is on it can stick for 5 days or so. I can't bind anymore since I did it unsafely back in the day and fucked up my ribs, so tape has been a lifesaver since I can breathe with it on.