How To Tuck And Tape Video

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The good news is that it's totally possible to tuck without tape. In this article, we'll tell you how to do a safe, secure, tape-free tuck. 1 Tuck the penis back before pulling up your undies. This will give you a smoother look. When you're ready to tuck, lie down on your back and pull the penis and testicles back between your legs.

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There are a few different ways to tuck, but generally it involves hiding the penis by folding it back between the legs. Most methods push the testes up into the inguinal canal in the lower abdomen above and to the sides of the base of the penis. WikiHow has a great tutorial on tucking (with images!).

Remove the first inch of tape backing paper and apply the tucking tape to the pubic region. Start 1″ to 2″ above the base of your shaft, and press the tape firmly to establish strong adhesion. Step 3: Time To Tuck!

Apply to your upper pubic area (the mons) which is just about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above your.

scepter. At this point the remaining tape should sort of be hanging.



Soak the area in warm water and peel the tape gently when you untuck. When the time comes to untuck, take a shower or bath, or soak the area with a wet washcloth. Once the tape is wet, peel it off carefully and slowly to avoid hurting your skin. [12] After removing the tape, allow your external genitals to return to their normal position.

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The thing I mention in the video is a Gaff just in case you couldn't understand me.You mainly want to use medical tape, but can use duct.

In this video, we invite you to discover the unstoppable technique for foolproof tucking! With this method, no tape, you will only need our Effeuillantine.

Carefully peel away a small section of the wide end of the T-tape. The section you expose should be about two fingers in width. Keep the rest of the T-tape backing on. (If you peel the entire backing, it will be more difficult to apply.) Apply a little


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Here I cover tucking with a gaff, tucking with tape, the health concerns of tucking, and tutorials.

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There are loads of different types of tape that you can use to tuck. You need a tape that's going to: 1 Stick to your skin (we want things held in place) 2 Have a bit of stretch (things move around down there) 3 Be a bit waterproof. (things can get sweaty down there) Some Queens swear by using Gaffa tape.

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