How To Apply Trans Tape

With their firsts raised in the air, several players donned athletic tape around their wrists and shared a clear message: “Protect Trans Kids.” The gesture came in the wake of a controversial.


TransTape is an alternative to using a compression binder (like gc2b sells) that does not use compression; instead, a body-safe cloth tape.

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To test if you're skin has an allergy, apply a 2-inch strip to the area where you'll be using TransTape – usually under your arms or on your chest. Monitor the area for any itching or signs of reaction for a full 24-hours. It is imperative to perform t.

Larger Chest Application

Cut the applications to your nipple size. Then, use surgical tape to hold them in place. Keep both edges of the trans tape slack when applying. Stretch the middle part of the tape over the skin. Do this whilst keeping the edges loose. Stretching will prevent straining the skin. Ensure that the ends of the trans tape have about 5mm of skin contact

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Before applying trans tape, cover your nipples with something first.

Keep both edges of the trans tape slack when applying.

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Chest Binding Ftm This is a Fytist FTM binder for a small chest and the price is 42$. It is soft and breathable. Usually, You can use 6-8 hours a day without having any internal


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Push your breast tissue down and back with your hand as you apply the tape. Gently lay the first 2 inches of tape on your skin and lightly rub.

Then i do one piece from the very bottom of my chest and halfway overlapping the other pieces up to the top of my chest to flatten everything out a little. If you don't have a bigger chest this would probably still work but you might not need this much tape. Also the pieces I use are all 2.5 big squares.

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Gently lay the first 2 inches of TransTape on your skin and lightly rub to activate the adhesive. Taking your time, line up your breast tissue so that it may all get tucked into the tape. Taking care not to overhandle your TransTape, as this will lessen the adhesive. Hold your TransTape taught, avoiding any wrinkles.

Gently lay the first 2 inches of TransTape on your skin and lightly rub to activate the adhesive. Taking your time, line up your breast tissue so that it may.


Life with any questions! About Us: TransTape is a gender-affirming, body transformation system for trans-masculine, trans-feminine, non-binary,

When applying TransTape, make sure the skin is free of lotions and oils, as this will loosen the adhesion If applying more than 1 strip, make sure the second strip is long enough to surpass the first strip. There must be complete skin contact for TransTape to last multiple days of wear

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⑤ Get ready to put the trans tape on – gently push your breasts back and down, then line up the tape and try to carefully put it on. Begin by.


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You could try taping the chest down "diagonally", flattening the tissue on your chest with your hands and moving it towards the sides and a little downward, rather than just sideways. When it's in the right position, start applying the tape (I hope it makes sense!)

Many people with larger chests find it very helpful to lay down during their first strip application. This lets gravity assist in the "flattest" for your.