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FTM & FTN Nipple Grafts Many patients worry about nipple skin graft survival. It's helpful to understand how skin grafts work and to know what you can do to maximize nipple graft survival. In Dr. Mosser's experience, they are completely successful about 98% of the time. Skin grafts are rather miraculous things!

FTM nipple graft not taking? (Photo) February 25, 2018. Asked By: strawbs411 in Essex Fells, NJ. I had my op on the 15th feb 2018, my left nipple is fine but my right one seems to be going a little green on one side and the rest of it is black. It also smells like a grade 3 pressure sore so thats not great to smell 24/7.


By my third week, I started to Google "top surgery nipple grafts failing" and "top surgery nipples dying." I stumbled across a post (probably in.

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FTM Top Surgery.

With keyhole surgery, the nipple stalk is usually left intact, though some surgeons will resize the nipple itself.

Here are a few different ways that breasts are reduced in an FTM surgery, and the risk to nipples during these procedures. Double Incision Procedure With a double incision procedure, the skin is opened in two incisions along the bottom of the pecs and at the top of the chest.

FTM top surgery is the surgery that allows removal of the glandular breast tissue while preserving the areola and nipple, and adapting the size of these if.

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WILL THE NIPPLES ALWAYS BE NUMB AFTER DOUBLE INCISION TOP SURGERY? Page 3. In the majority of patients with free nipple grafts, “protective sensation” will.

Our FTM Nipple Binder help flatten your chest while protecting your nipples from chafing. Our products are designed with your goals and needs in mind and we stand behind the quality of each product in our inventory. We have two sizes available – 1.38″ diameter and 2.13″ diameter- to meet the needs of trans folks of all body types and sizes.


The procedure involves removing excess fat and skin, and repositioning the nipples to create a natural-looking flat chest. FTM top surgery.

At McLean Clinic, we specialize in two FTM Mastectomy procedures: a Double Incision Mastectomy and the Periareolar ( Keyhole Incision) Mastectomy. Both these top surgery procedures involve the removal of breast tissue under the nipple. This can have an effect on the blood flow to the nerves in this area, which may result in some sensation loss.

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Purpose: The double-incision gender-affirming mastectomy with free-nipple graft (DM-FNG) is increasing in demand. One concern is sensation loss to the chest.

When nipples heal it is normal for them to look worse before they look better, especially around 14-21 days after surgery. Our surgeons have created a visual breakdown of what most nipples look like from 7 days after top surgery all the way up to 3 months. For a printable version of the nipple healing process pictured below, click here.

The sensitivity of the nipple area should gradually improve over time in the weeks to months following surgery. Sometimes sensation after surgery is heightened and sometimes it is decreased, but it usually is fairly normal by 3 to 4 months after surgery and will continue to stabilize for an entire 2 years after surgery.


In addition to that, the dark crust that had been covering my nipple grafts was sloughing off my left nipple more quickly, while it remained.

FTM Top Surgery / Double Incision Surgery | Removing free nipple graft bolsters.